In the Light of Spirituality and Culture

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During Ramadan, a different atmosphere surrounds the streets of Istanbul; The hustle and bustle of the day gives way to a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. The city fascinates visitors and locals with an array of activities that delight both the eye and soul. This guide provides information about excursions, prayers, visits and places to eat in Istanbul during Ramadan.

Iftar and Tarawih Prayers in Historical Mosques

Sultanahmet Mosque: This magnificent structure, decorated with blue Iznik tiles, is especially meaningful during Ramadan. Tarawih prayer performed after iftar offers a spiritual unity with the participation of both local people and tourists.

Süleymaniye Mosque: This work, written by Mimar Sinan, dominates the silhouette of Istanbul. You can break your fast in the courtyard of the mosque or in the historical atmosphere around it, and then join the collective tarawih prayer.

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Ramadan Activities and Visits

Hırka-i Şerif Mosque: In the month of Ramadan, Hz. This mosque, where the Hırka-i Şerif, believed to belong to Muhammad, is open to visitors, is ideal for those who want to have a spiritual experience.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque: For those who want to deeply feel the spirituality of Ramadan, Eyüp Sultan tomb and mosque should be visited, especially after iftar. It is believed that prayers made here are accepted.

Venues for Iftar and Sahur

Sultanahmet Square: During Ramadan, Sultanahmet Square is filled with iftar tents and street delicacies. It is an ideal place if you want to taste traditional Turkish dishes and have your iftar outdoors.

Sultanahmet Cooking Class Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Sultanahmet

Karaköy and Ortaköy Beach: For sahur, you can sit in the cafes on the Karaköy or Ortaköy beach, accompanied by the refreshing breeze of the Bosphorus. You can enjoy Turkish coffee and desserts at seaside venues that are open until sahur time.

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Cultural Activities and Excursions

Cultural and Art Events: Concerts, theater performances and exhibitions held in various parts of Istanbul during Ramadan offer great opportunities to discover cultural riches.

Bosphorus Tour: Exploring the fascinating view of the Bosphorus with a boat tour after iftar allows you to feel the spirit of Ramadan even more. You can admire historical mansions and bridges under the lights of Anatolian and Rumelian fortresses.


Istanbul takes on a different spirit during Ramadan; It welcomes its visitors with the city’s historical texture, spiritual atmosphere and cultural richness. This guide will help you discover the unique experiences the city has to offer. Discover the spirituality and culture of Istanbul in this special month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Under the Minarets of Istanbul: Prayers That Color the Night

Istanbul takes on a different beauty during Ramadan. A spiritual atmosphere that starts after sunset and continues throughout the night surrounds every corner of the city. You can experience the peace and unity that Ramadan brings in this magnificent city where minarets reach the sky. Under the title “Ramadan Under the Minarets of Istanbul: Prayers that Color the Night”, we have listed for you some of the stops where you can enjoy this special month.

Under the Lights of the Blue Mosque

sultan ahmet blue moaque ramadan

Sultanahmet Square takes on a different atmosphere during Ramadan. After iftar, people gather in the courtyard of the Sultanahmet Mosque for tarawih prayer. The impressive architecture of the mosque and the sounds of adhan rising from its minarets make the night spiritual. Here, in the heart of Istanbul, you can experience one of the best examples of unity and solidarity.

Finding Peace in Eyüp Sultan

Eyüp Sultan Mosque and its tomb, one of the spiritual centers of Istanbul, have special importance during Ramadan. After iftar, visits to Eyüp Sultan offer a unique atmosphere for prayer and worship. This place is ideal for those seeking inner peace and spiritual serenity, especially at night.

Istanbul’s New Cafes and Restaurants

Fairytale-like View of Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower is one of the symbols of Istanbul and has a special beauty on the cool waters of the Bosphorus during Ramadan nights. You can eat your meal with a unique view of the Bosphorus and chat with your friends until sahur, in various places that are open until sahur.

View of the City from Galata Tower

galata tower istanbul taksim

Galata Tower presents the historical and modern face of Istanbul together. During Ramadan, it is a great opportunity to climb the tower and look at the light-filled view of the city and see the night from a different perspective. From here you can watch the lights shining between the minarets and the sparkle of the Bosphorus.

Walking on the banks of the Golden Horn

A walk along the Golden Horn, especially between Karaköy and Hasköy, is a good option to spend Ramadan nights. The silhouette of the historical peninsula, together with the lights reflecting on the water, adds a special magic to the night.


Istanbul is a city waiting to be discovered at night as well as during the day during Ramadan. Prayers echoing in the shadow of the minarets, the mystical atmosphere of historical places and the refreshing breeze of the Bosphorus leave unforgettable memories for everyone who visits the city in this special month. Let our journey “Ramadan Under the Minarets of Istanbul: Prayers Coloring the Night” be a start for those who want to discover the spiritual depth and cultural richness of Istanbul.

Enjoying Food in Historical Places of Istanbul