Unique Taste Stops in the Heart of the City

Istanbul is a city always waiting to be discovered with its historical texture, cultural richness and dynamic social life. As you walk the streets of this metropolis, a new story and a new taste await you at every corner. The gastronomy scene is becoming more colorful every day, restaurants inspired by world cuisines and cafes offering traditional flavors with a modern touch continue to host their guests all over the city.
In this article, we examine Istanbul’s newest and most special venues in detail, from their menus to their atmospheres, from their most popular dishes to their beverage options. From Visorante to Caffe Nero, our journey to the new taste stops of the city begins. These places promise an experience that will appeal not only to your taste buds but also to your soul.
Now, get ready to discover the newest venues of Istanbul and accompany us on this unique taste journey.

Visorante, Ortaköy

visorante ortaköy cafe restaurant

Visorante is a restaurant overlooking the Bosphorus, offering a modern and stylish atmosphere within the historical texture of Ortaköy. Its menu includes selected flavors from Mediterranean and world cuisines. Dishes prepared with seafood and seasonal vegetables attract attention with their visual presentation. Visorante’s signature dishes include sea bass carpaccio with olive oil and spinach and goat cheese ravioli. You will be in a warming environment in the open space cafe area accompanied by the fascinating Bosphorus view.



Dial: +90 535 602 17 72

Caffe Nero, Beşiktaş

nero caffe beşiktaş

Located at the center of Beşiktaş’s social life, Caffe Nero is a cafe that reflects Italian coffee culture. It is known for its extensive coffee menu and relaxing atmosphere. At Caffe Nero, you can experience carefully prepared espresso-based coffees and freshly baked cakes.
It will open its new branch in the historical Beşiktaş Greek School building opposite the Beşiktaş Fisherman’s Bazaar, which has been closed since 1975, and will fascinate you with the taste of the coffee while letting you experience history.


Dial: +90 538 014 30 39

Manuel Deli&Cafe, Kadıköy

latte caffe kahve

Manuel Deli&Cafe, with a warm atmosphere in the heart of Kadıköy, is known for its delicious breakfast options and homemade desserts. Its menu, prepared with local ingredients, offers variety that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Among the things you should try at Manuel Deli&Cafe are avocado toast and handmade cheesecake.


Lyre, Moda

lyre moda caffe coffee

Reflecting the bohemian spirit of Moda, Lyre is a restaurant that offers delicious food in a friendly atmosphere. Its menu includes distinguished examples from Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines. At Lyre, handmade appetizers and daily fresh fish stand out. Favorite dishes of the restaurant include artichokes with olive oil and sea bass.Lyre cafe will offer you an atmosphere that will provide you with every environment.


Dial: +90 216 515 55 25

Sakhalin Istanbul Restaurant, Zorlu Center

sakhalin coffee cafe restaurant

Located in Zorlu Center, Sakhalin is a restaurant that attracts attention with its seafood-based menu. Dishes inspired by Russia’s Sakhalin Island are served using fresh and authentic ingredients. The restaurant’s signature dishes include king crab salad and smoked salmon pancakes. Sakhalin’s stylish and modern interior is an ideal option for special occasions and business lunches.


Archer Bistro&Bar, Karaköy

archer bistro bar karaköy

Reflecting the artistic spirit of Karaköy, Archer Bistro&Bar stands out with its stylish decoration and lively atmosphere. Its menu offers a wide range inspired by local and international cuisine. The cocktail menu includes different flavors prepared with the venue’s own special recipes. Among the things you must try at Archer Bistro&Bar are the steak flavored with truffle oil and the salmon tartare served with avocado.


Dial: +90 212 372 07 00

Cafe Marmara, Taksim

cafe marmara taksim

In the lively atmosphere of Taksim, Cafe Marmara attracts attention as a cafe open all day long. Its menu, which offers selected flavors from Turkish and world cuisines, appeals to every palate. Cafe Marmara’s most popular dishes include traditional Turkish desserts and rich breakfast plates served with Turkish coffee.


Dial: +90 212 334 83 00

Restaurant Modern, Istanbul Modern

istanbul modern restaurant

Restaurant Modern, where art and taste meet, is located inside the Istanbul Modern museum. Its menu offers creative dishes inspired by modern Turkish cuisine. The restaurant’s most popular dishes include tandoori lamb marinated in special sauces and sea bass with vegetable garnish.


These venues, each with their own atmosphere and unique menus, hold an important place in Istanbul’s gastronomy scene. These restaurants and cafes offer excellent options for those who want to explore the city’s cultural diversity and rich culinary culture.