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World-Recognized Hospitals and Revolutionary Treatments

Turkey has become a worldwide center in the field of health tourism in recent years. The country offers high-quality and affordable treatment options to international patients with a wide range of healthcare services, including plastic surgery, dental treatments, hair transplantation and cardiology surgery.

Turkey’s prominent hospitals in the field of health tourism provide services at international standards in their fields of expertise and are particularly well-known in these branches.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Türkiye has an international reputation in the field of aesthetics and plastic surgery. Various plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, liposuction, face lift and body contouring are offered in high quality and at affordable prices. Plastic surgeons in Turkey provide their patients with the desired look using modern techniques and high aesthetic standards.

Cardiology and Heart Surgery

In the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery, Turkey attracts attention with its advanced treatment methods and experienced expert staff. Procedures such as cardiovascular surgery, angiography, stent applications and heart valve replacement are performed to the highest standards.

Cancer Treatment

Turkey has also become an important center in cancer treatment. Advanced oncology centers offer comprehensive services for early diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the disease. Various cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies are applied by experienced oncology teams.

Acibadem Healthcare Group

Acıbadem, as one of Turkey’s largest private healthcare groups, offers a wide range of healthcare services. He specializes in many areas including plastic surgery, dental treatments, hair transplantation and cardiology. With its hospitals equipped with modern medical technologies and experienced doctor staff, Acıbadem is a popular choice for international patients.

Areas of expertise: Acıbadem stands out especially in the fields of oncology (cancer treatment) and cardiology. He also has international recognition in plastic surgery and organ transplantation.

Highlights: Acıbadem is known for its hospitals with JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation. It offers multidisciplinary approaches and advanced technology treatment methods in cancer treatment. In cardiology, it provides a wide range of treatments, from minimally invasive procedures to complex cardiac surgery.

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Memorial Hospitals Group

Memorial Health Group provides leading services in the fields of cardiac surgery, cancer treatment, plastic surgery and dental health. It is known for its internationally accredited hospitals, high treatment standards and patient-oriented approach. Memorial also draws attention by using innovative techniques in hair transplantation.

Areas of Expertise: Memorial has remarkable achievements in the fields of organ transplantation and oncology. He is also a pioneer in plastic surgery and in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

Highlights: Known for its organ transplant centers, particularly known for their high success rates, and comprehensive cancer treatment options. It offers innovative and customized solutions in plastic surgery. It gives hope to couples with state-of-the-art treatment methods in the field of IVF and reproductive health.

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Medipol University Hospital

Medipol Mega University Hospital is another leading healthcare institution located in Istanbul, providing services in a wide range of medical disciplines. It provides quality services to international patients by offering state-of-the-art treatment methods in the fields of plastic surgery, cardiology, dental health and hair transplantation.

Areas of Expertise: Medipol offers superior services in cancer treatment (oncology) and cardiovascular surgery. It also stands out in the branches of neurology and orthopedics.

Highlights: Provides personalized treatment plans and advanced radiotherapy options in cancer treatment. He is known for innovative treatment methods in cardiovascular surgery, including robotic surgery.

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Istanbul Surgery Hospital

Istanbul Surgery Hospital, one of the leading health institutions in Istanbul, provides high standards of service in areas such as plastic surgery, dental health, hair transplantation and cardiology surgery. The hospital has gained the trust of international patients with its innovative treatment methods and experienced healthcare professionals.

Areas of Expertise: Istanbul Surgery is specially known in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. In addition, general surgery and eye health (ophthalmology) services are also of high quality.

Prominent Features: It stands out with its innovative techniques and personalized treatment plans in aesthetic and plastic surgery. In the field of eye health, he specializes in laser eye surgery and cataract operations.

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Dental Treatments

Dental health services such as dental implants, zirconium dental coatings, laminate dental veneers, teeth whitening and orthodontic treatments have gained great popularity in Turkey. Dental clinics in Turkey offer quality and aesthetic dental treatments using high-tech equipment and experienced dentists.

“Hollywood Smile” is a comprehensive dental aesthetic application that aims to give the teeth an aesthetically perfect appearance. It may usually include porcelain laminate veneers, zirconium veneers, teeth whitening and sometimes orthodontic procedures. Turkey attracts the attention of international patients with its high quality and affordable services in this regard, and many centers offer this service. Here are some leading centers offering Hollywood Smile service;

DentGroup Clinics

DentGroup is a dentistry chain with many branches throughout Turkey and offers a wide range of dental aesthetic services, including “Hollywood Smile”. It is known for its modern technologies and innovative approaches.

DentGroup offers solutions tailored to each patient’s needs by making personalized treatment planning. It attracts attention with its staff specialized in aesthetic dentistry.

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Istanbul Smile Center

This Istanbul-based clinic specializes in aesthetic dental treatments for international patients. “Hollywood Smile” treatments are among the clinic’s most popular services.

The clinic offers personalized treatment plans for each patient and provides a complete smile design service with veneers, whitening and other aesthetic procedures deemed necessary.

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Hair Transplantation

Turkey is one of the world leaders in hair transplantation techniques, especially FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implant). Thanks to modern techniques and experienced experts, hair transplantation procedures are performed with high success rates and natural-looking results.

Turkey has become a leading destination worldwide for hair transplantation. High success rates, experienced specialists and affordable prices attract international patients to Turkey. Here are some facilities that provide hair transplantation services and are pioneers in this field.

Hair of Istanbul

Hair of Istanbul is an Istanbul-based clinic with a global reputation for hair transplantation. It specializes specifically in the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique and focuses on natural-looking results.

It is known for offering personalized treatment plans, high patient satisfaction rates, and natural results. The clinic offers comprehensive support services for international patients.

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ClinicExpert Istanbul

ClinicExpert is a health center located in Istanbul that offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments, including hair transplantation. It uses the latest hair transplantation techniques such as FUE and DHI (Direct Hair Implant).

It has proven itself in providing high quality service at affordable prices. ClinicExpert stands out with its comprehensive service packages, especially for international patients.

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Smile Hair Clinic

Founded by Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan and Dr. Gökay Bilgin, Smile Hair Clinic is a center specialized in hair transplantation in Istanbul. The clinic performs natural and dense-looking hair transplants using the FUE technique.

Smile Hair Clinic offers customized treatment plans to suit each patient’s needs. It has high satisfaction rates with its expert team and patient-oriented approach.

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These hospitals and health institutions are leading organizations that make Turkey known worldwide in the field of health tourism. Each serves both local and international patients, offering high standards of treatment in specific specialties. In these hospitals, patients can benefit from the most advanced treatment methods offered by modern medicine.

Stop worrying about your health today and enjoy the beauties of Turkey while receiving quality health services.

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