A Taste Journey Beyond Time with Food

Istanbul is a fascinating city that has hosted many civilizations throughout thousands of years of history. This unique city, where every corner is intertwined with history, takes its visitors on a time journey not only with its architectural structures and historical monuments, but also with its cafes and restaurants that have existed for centuries and each with their own story. These venues build a bridge between the city’s past and present by offering flavors that reflect Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage. In our blog post you will discover the oldest and most special historical cafes and restaurants of Istanbul and share with you the stories of the unique atmosphere, history and flavors of these places. If you are ready, let’s start this unique journey that will delight your taste buds while tracing the traces of the past in the historical streets of Istanbul.

Hafız Mustafa 1864 Edebiyat Kıraathanesi

hafız mustafa sultanahmet çay kahve

“100 years of experience dedicated to taste”

Hafız Mustafa, the representative of a dessert and coffee house tradition that has been going on since 1864, in the heart of Istanbul, is the address of a sweet journey from the Ottoman Empire to the present day. Offering the unique tastes of traditional Turkish desserts, especially baklava and Turkish coffee, this historical place brings the atmosphere of the past to the present. Offering the delicacies of the Ottoman palace cuisine, Hafız Mustafa is an indispensable stop for dessert lovers.

Sultan baklava, stuffed kadayıf, Turkish coffee. Hafız Mustafa’s menu consists of traditional Turkish desserts. Among the signature desserts, Sultan baklava with sherbet and pistachio and stuffed kadayıf stand out. In addition, Turkish coffee, a tradition inherited from the Ottoman Empire and served with Turkish delight, is highly appreciated by visitors.



Dial: +90 212 514 90 68

Istanbul’s New Cafes and Restaurants

Deraliye Restaurant

deraliye restaurant cafe istanbul

Located in the history-scented streets of Sultanahmet, Deraliye Restaurant offers its guests a time travel experience with unique recipes handed down from the Ottoman Empire to the present day. Combining traditional flavors with modern presentations, Deraliye appeals to both the eye and the palate. It offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience, from palace meals to local tastes prepared with daily fresh ingredients.

Ottoman Saray Kebab, Hünkar Beğendi, Güllaç. Deraliye Restaurant offers its guests dishes from the Ottoman Empire period with a modern presentation. Ottoman Saray Kebab, one of the stars of the menu, is prepared with special spices and methods. Hünkar Begendi offers the perfect harmony of the delicious taste of meat and eggplant begendi. Among the desserts, Güllaç stands out as an indispensable part of Ramadan.



Dial: +90 212 520 77 78

Orient Express Restaurant

orient express sirkeci restaurant

Located at Sirkeci Train Station, Orient Express Restaurant brings the luxurious and nostalgic atmosphere of the legendary train, from which it takes its name, to the heart of Istanbul. This restaurant, which stands out with its rich menu, is especially known for its seafood and meat dishes. An ideal option for a historical and romantic dinner, Orient Express promises unforgettable moments with its unique decoration and historical ambiance.

Seafood Risotto, Beef Stroganoff. Orient Express Restaurant devotes a special place to seafood and meat dishes in its rich menu. Seafood Risotto is appreciated by the guests with its fresh seafood and creamy risotto. Beef Stroganoff, inspired by Russian cuisine, is served with its special sauce.



Dial: +90 212 522 22 80

Baylan Pastanesi / Baylan Patisserie

kup griye baylan pastanesi kadıköy

Founded in 1923, Baylan Patisserie is considered one of the oldest and most famous patisseries in Istanbul. Famous especially for its signature dessert, Kup Griye, Baylan continues to please its regulars with its unchanging quality over the years. Baylan, which draws attention with both its history and taste, is ideal for those who want to make a nostalgic taste stop.

Baylan Patisserie’s most famous dessert, Kup Griye, consists of a unique combination of ice cream, caramel sauce and almond pieces. Baylan, also known for its various cakes and chocolates, has a wide range for dessert lovers.



Dial: +90 216 346 63 50

Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi / Meatball Food Restaurant

sultanahmet köfte istanbul tarih

Right next to Sultanahmet Square, a centuries-old history and traditional flavors are offered together. Historical Sultanahmet Köftecisi is the indispensable address for meatball lovers with its original recipe and unique taste. This place, which draws attention with its simple menu consisting only of meatballs and blarney, reveals the power of simplicity in taste.

Historical Sultanahmet Köftecisi is famous for the meatballs from which it takes its name. Meatballs are prepared with special spices and served with blarney. In this place, where the simple menu prioritizes taste and quality, meatballs are the favorite of the visitors.



Dial: +90 212 513 64 68

The Charm of Historical Hotels in Sultanahmet

Istanbul is one of the rare cities where history and taste intersect. This city continues to fascinate its visitors with its hidden stories and legendary flavors that have been passed down from word to mouth for centuries. The places we introduce to you in this article are unique stops that reflect the spirit and rich gastronomic heritage of Istanbul. From Hafız Mustafa to Vefa Bozacisi, from Deraliye Restaurant to Olden 1545, each of them has become an icon in its field and has defied the years with its flavors.

We invite everyone who wants to go on a flavor journey beyond time and taste the history of Istanbul to step through the doors of these places. These places, with their historical texture and mouth-watering tastes, are ready to provide you with unforgettable moments in the heart of the city.

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We hope that this tour of historical places that we guided you throughout our article will inspire you to make new discoveries. As you wander the streets of Istanbul, we hope you find a new story and a new taste in every corner… Enjoy every bite while exploring the places that bear witness to the history of this unique city. Remember, Istanbul is not only a city to see, but also a treasure to be experienced and felt.

If you happen to be in Istanbul, do not forget to stop at each of these historical places and experience this unique experience where taste and history intertwine. These stops on the taste map of Istanbul are waiting for you. We wish you bon appetit and pleasant discoveries!