7 best restaurants in sultanahmet

Sultanahmet is a district on Istanbul’s historic peninsula, home to historic buildings, mosques and museums. The area is also famous for its many restaurants serving traditional Turkish cuisine. Tourists coming to Sultanahmet want to discover Turkish flavors in the best restaurants in Sultanahmet.

Sultanahmet Dining Delights: Our Top Restaurant Picks

We have compiled the famous restaurants of Sultanahmet for you. Here are the 7 best restaurants in Sultanahmet.

Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant


Deraliye Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Sultanahmet, is a restaurant serving dishes unique to Istanbul cuisine. The restaurant’s menu includes recipes from the Ottoman Empire period and these recipes are presented in a modern way. The decoration of the restaurant also reflects the rich culture of the Ottoman Empire. The garden of the restaurant is a preferred area for visitors, especially in the summer months, and offers a peaceful environment away from the noise of the city.

In the menu of Deraliye Restaurant, especially meat dishes and desserts of Ottoman cuisine are very popular. Tripe soup, lamb tandoori, baklava and künefe are among the most popular flavors of the restaurant.

Queb Lounge Rooftop Restaurant


Queb Lounge Rooftop Restaurant holds the title of the most beautiful terrace restaurant in Istanbul with its 360 degree terrace.It is an indispensable place for foreign and local guests for breakfast and a nice dinner against the blue of the Bosphorus. The restaurant, which has a very delicious seafood menu, is one of the 7 best restaurants in Sultanahmet.

Sultanahmet Harab’be Cafe & Hookah


Harabbe Cafe is a cafe-restaurant located in Sultanahmet. Located in the historical peninsula, the restaurant serves traditional Turkish dishes, appetizers and especially Turkish coffee. The restaurant has an Ottoman-style decoration and offers the opportunity to dine in a historical atmosphere. Harabbe Cafe is considered one of the most popular cafe-restaurants in Sultanahmet. An indispensable stop for hookah lovers, Harab’be Cafe is the most famous hookah stop in Sultanahmet.

Vitale Restaurant


Vitale Restaurant, located next to the blue sea of Istanbul, opened its doors to its guests in 2022. Located in the Seven Hills Palace Hotel, a historical hotel, the restaurant has become the center of attention of foreign tourists despite being a new establishment.

It offers unforgettable moments to its guests with its poolside concept, tables in the city walls and the largest terrace in Sultanahmet. The restaurant with its world cuisine is one of the most frequented restaurants in the summer months. You can watch the blue sea of Istanbul from the terrace. It is an indispensable location for seaside restaurant lovers.Anyone looking for the best restaurants in Sultanahmet should definitely visit Vitale Restaurant.

Medusa Restaurant


Medusa Restaurant is a restaurant in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. The restaurant’s historic building is adjacent to the historic Basilica Cistern. The restaurant offers a rich menu inspired by traditional Turkish cuisine and regional dishes of the Ottoman Empire.

Medusa Restaurant offers a different experience to its customers with its historical texture and decoration reflecting the atmosphere of old Istanbul. The restaurant has a large garden and the water of the historical cistern can be seen from the tables in the garden.

The restaurant’s menu includes Turkish cuisine, appetizers, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. There are also dishes from Ottoman cuisine on the menu. The restaurant’s seafood and grills are especially delicious.

The restaurant is close to the historical sites and tourist attractions of Istanbul. Therefore, it can be recommended as an ideal dining destination for tourists visiting Istanbul.

Matbah Ottoman Palace Cuisine


Located inside the historic Topkapi Palace, this restaurant offers modern interpretations of dishes from the Ottoman Empire. The flavor and presentation of the dishes are quite impressive. Matbah Ottoman Palace Cuisine is a restaurant located in the historical peninsula of Istanbul and focuses on traditional Ottoman palace cuisine.

The restaurant is housed in a historic building from the 19th century and prepares dishes using original recipes from the Ottoman period. The menu includes a choice of appetizers, main courses and desserts and is particularly famous for its meat dishes and Ottoman desserts. The restaurant has an elegant atmosphere and includes many decorative elements from the Ottoman Empire period. Matbah Ottoman Palace Cuisine offers a special experience for visitors who want to experience Ottoman palace cuisine in Istanbul.

Sarnıç Restaurant


Sarnıç Restaurant is a restaurant located in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. The restaurant is located in a historic Byzantine cistern and uses this historic setting to offer a different experience to its customers. The restaurant serves Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Sarnıç Restaurant stands out with its historical atmosphere, delicious food and attentive service. The restaurant’s menu includes many options such as olive oil dishes, grills, seafood, salads and desserts. Sarnıç Restaurant also serves for special organizations.

If you are looking for a place where you can eat delicious food in a historical setting, you can have a nice experience at Sarnıç Restaurant.