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Turkey’s World Famous Beaches: A Corner of Heaven

Türkiye is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world with its unique natural beauties and crystal clear sea. If you want to have an unforgettable holiday experience, Turkey’s world-famous beaches are waiting for you! Let’s discover the most beautiful beaches of Turkey together.

1. Ölüdeniz, Fethiye: Turquoise Colored Paradise

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Ölüdeniz, chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006, is one of the most iconic beaches in Turkey. This beach, which is a wonder of nature, fascinates its visitors with its turquoise sea and calm atmosphere.

Ölüdeniz, as its name suggests, is a stagnant lake, but it is constantly renewed with intense spring water outflows. You can find many affordable accommodation options such as hotels, hostels and camps in Ölüdeniz, which attracts great attention from foreign tourists. In addition to swimming on this wonderful beach, you also have the chance to do activities such as safari, mountaineering and paragliding in the region.

It is an indispensable spot, especially for those who want to paraglide. Soaring from Babadağ to the fascinating view of Ölüdeniz offers an experience you will never forget throughout your life.

Highlighted Features:
Turquoise colored sea
Paragliding opportunity
Blue flag beach

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2. Patara Beach, Antalya: History and Nature Together

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Patara Beach is famous not only for its magnificent sandy beach but also for its ancient ruins. If you want to be on the endless sands by the sea, we can say that Patara, one of the best beaches in Turkey, is the right address for you.

Patara, one of the longest beaches in Turkey, offers a fascinating natural beauty with its 18-kilometer coastline. Here, you can feel extremely free and get away from the daily hustle and bustle and even time.

Patara, which is also a paradise for history lovers, welcomes its visitors as one of the important centers of the ancient Lycian civilization. It is also indispensable for nature lovers as it is a nesting area for caretta caretta sea turtles.

Highlighted Features:
18 km long beach
ancient ruins
Caretta caretta sea turtles

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3. Kaputaş Beach, Kaş: The Most Beautiful Shades of Blue

kaputaş plaj beach kaş antalya


Kaputaş Beach is one of the most photogenic beaches in Turkey. Located between the canyon, this beach attracts attention with its magnificent blue sea.
It is wonderful to watch both sunrise and sunset on this magnificent beach, which seems to be stuck between steep hills.

There are also restaurants nearby that will add flavor to your day with seafood. Those who want to swim in a calm sea and relax by sunbathing meet at this beach.

Kaputaş, which can be reached by descending 187 steps down a narrow and winding road, fascinates those who see it with its fascinating beauty, although it is a small bay.
Even though it is a bit difficult to reach Kaputaş, one of the best beaches in Turkey, we think it is worth the beauty.
You will feel like you are in a postcard while enjoying the sun here.

Highlighted Features:
Located between the canyon
crystal clear sea
Natural beauties

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4. Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan: Natural Wonder

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Iztuzu Beach, with its pine-covered hills and golden sands, is famous for being the nesting area of ​​caretta caretta sea turtles. This beach, which is approximately 4.5 km long, offers swimming opportunities both on the sea and lake sides. It is ideal for those who want to have a peaceful holiday with its golden sandy beach and natural beauties.

Iztuzu Beach, which is on our list of Turkey’s best beaches, is great for swimming, sunbathing and surfing! This environment, formed by the meeting of the Dalyan River with the Mediterranean, is an ecological treasure. There are almost no buildings on this beach, which allows the beach to maintain its natural richness.
You can enjoy nature by taking a boat tour on the Dalyan River, located at the end of the beach.

You will see with your own eyes why this place is called “Turtle Beach”. Additionally, in order to protect the turtles, entry is only allowed between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in summer.

Highlighted Features:
Caretta caretta nesting area
Possibility of swimming both on the sea and lake sides
Natural and calm environment

5. Çıralı Beach, Antalya: For Those Seeking Calmness

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The mountains opened their arms and embraced the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. Çıralı Beach, which is proud of its golden sands, has received its share of this love.

Çıralı Beach is one of the most beautiful and calmest beaches in Antalya. Located among high mountains, this beach attracts attention with its pristine nature and clean sea. Çıralı is also a part of the Lycian Way and is an attractive destination for hiking enthusiasts. At night, you can visit Yanartaş at the foot of Mount Olympus and see the burning natural gas flames.

Çıralı is the route for those who want to experience pleasant and peaceful days. The ancient ruins of Olympos are also a world heritage that will accompany your holiday. On one side, people saluting the sun, on the other side, turtles walking calmly…

Highlighted Features:
pristine nature
Clean and clear sea
Located on the Lycian Way

6. Bodrum Beaches: Fun and Nature Together

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Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday regions and home to many wonderful beaches. Especially Gümüşlük and Bitez beaches are preferred by both local and foreign tourists. Bodrum’s energetic nightlife and historical riches make your beach holiday unforgettable. You can enjoy the sunset by walking along the beach in the evening.

Highlighted Features:
Gümüşlük and Bitez beaches
vibrant nightlife
historical riches

7. Alaçatı Beaches, Izmir: Windsurfing Paradise

alacatı çeşme plaj beach sahil


Alaçatı is famous for its beaches with ideal conditions for windsurfing. With its unique stone houses and narrow streets, Alaçatı is a perfect destination for both sea and cultural tourism. If you like windsurfing, Alaçatı beaches are just for you. Also, don’t forget to take a coffee break in Alaçatı’s cute cafes.

Highlighted Features:
Ideal conditions for windsurfing
Unique stone houses
cultural riches

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8. Cleopatra Beach, Alanya: Legendary Beauty

kleopatra cleopatra plaj beach


Cleopatra Beach is known as the beach where Cleopatra swam according to legend. It is famous for its golden sandy beach and clear sea. Damlataş Cave, located right next to the beach, also attracts the attention of visitors. Cleopatra Beach attracts attention with both its historical and natural beauties. Swimming here makes you feel like a part of history.

Highlighted Features:
golden sandy beach
legendary story
Damlataş Cave

9. Kabak Valley, Fethiye: Natural and Pristine

kabak valley plaj beach


Kabak Bay is one of the rare beaches that preserves its naturalness and has an unspoiled atmosphere. Located among forested areas and high hills, this bay is perfect for those who want to have a holiday surrounded by nature. It is also an ideal place for camping. Sitting in your tent facing the sea at sunset and watching the stars will be an unforgettable experience.

Highlighted Features:
pristine nature
forest areas
Camping opportunity

10. Sarigerme Beach, Muğla: Ideal for Families

sarigerme plaj beach muğla


Sarigerme Beach is an ideal holiday destination for families with its clean sandy beach and calm sea. It offers a safe and comfortable environment for families with children. You can also do various water sports on the beach. Sarigerme is a perfect option for those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday.

Highlighted Features:
clean beach
calm sea
Water sports opportunities

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Plan Your Holiday and Discover Turkey’s Paradise Beaches

Turkey is a unique destination that offers unique holiday opportunities for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. From swimming in the turquoise waters of Ölüdeniz to breathing the historical atmosphere of Patara; Countless beauties await you, from cooling off in the blue depths of Kaputaş to relaxing on the peaceful beaches of Çıralı.

This summer, you can have an unforgettable holiday experience by exploring Turkey’s world-famous beaches. These beaches, which offer both historical and natural beauties together, appeal to all types of holidaymakers. You can experience adrenaline-filled moments by windsurfing, or enjoy the peace on quiet beaches.

While planning your holiday, do not forget to include these magnificent beaches of Turkey on our list. You can be sure that you will create unforgettable memories on these beaches, each of which offers its own unique beauty. Don’t wait any longer to discover the paradise corners of Turkey while enjoying the sea, sun and sand.

Remember, vacation is not just about relaxing, but also about discovering new places and adding new memories to your life. Don’t miss the adventures waiting for you on Turkey’s beaches this summer!