Marina Restaurant

Discover the gastronomic wonders of Kalkan, a hidden gem on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. This picturesque Mediterranean town offers an impressive assortment of local and international cuisine served in delightful settings.

Rich in history and adorned with stunning architecture, Kalkan also boasts a vibrant culinary scene like no other. From cozy, family-run establishments serving homemade Turkish specialties to stylish, contemporary eateries serving creative international cuisine, Kalkan has something for every food lover. Now, prepare your taste buds as you embark on a delicious journey to discover the 7 best restaurants to eat at in Kalkan. These gastronomic hotspots capture the essence of Kalkan’s culinary art and are a must-visit for any self-proclaimed foodie touring this idyllic seaside town. Here are the top 7 restaurants you should not miss when visiting Kalkan.

1. Korsan Meze Fish Restaurant

Korsan Meze Fish Restaurant

At the top of our list is Korsan Meze Fish Restaurant, a Kalkan mainstay renowned for its fresh seafood dishes and stunning sea views. This restaurant is a foodie’s dream, where every meal is prepared with the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets. Try their traditional mezes or indulge in a catch-of-the-day cooked just the way you like it.

2. Aubergine’s


Next is Aubergine’s, a charmingly rustic spot with its stone walls and wooden beams. As the name suggests, aubergine dishes are the specialty here, offering an authentic taste of Turkish cuisine. With a breezy terrace overlooking the Kalkan Bay, the food isn’t the only thing to love about Aubergine’s.

3. DoyDoy Restaurant

DoyDoy Restaurant

This family-run restaurant offers authentic Turkish food in a homely setting. From delicious lamb dishes to traditional vegetarian options, DoyDoy serves a versatile menu that caters to every palate. The friendly staff, coupled with their scrumptious meals, guarantees a heartwarming experience.

4. Belgin’s Kitchen

Belgin's Kitchen

Belgin’s Kitchen is a must-visit for anyone seeking an intimate dining experience. With only a few tables and a daily changing menu, every meal at Belgin’s Kitchen feels like a private culinary event. The owner’s love for cooking shines through each dish, making it a truly unique dining experience in Kalkan.

5. Kalkan’s Gourmet BBQ House

If you’re after a dining experience that’s out of the ordinary, Kalkan’s Gourmet BBQ House is your go-to destination. Here, diners are offered a selection of prime cuts to grill to their preference on individual barbecues. The house marinades and an extensive salad bar complete this interactive and delightful dining experience.

6. Olive Garden at Kuluhana

For an authentic Anatolian dining experience, visit Olive Garden at Kuluhana. Located in a beautifully restored Ottoman Greek house, this restaurant serves dishes prepared using centuries-old recipes. Make sure to try their clay pot dishes, which are cooked slowly over a wood fire, allowing the flavors to blend together beautifully.

7. Marina Restaurant

Marina Restaurant

Marina Restaurant concludes our list of top Kalkan restaurants. This exquisite eatery offers beautiful views of the harbor, complemented by a menu that combines international cuisine with Turkish flavors. The seafood here is not to be missed, with the prawn risotto and sea bass fillets being local favorites.

From the freshest seafood to traditional Anatolian recipes, these seven restaurants in Kalkan, Turkey, guarantee to please every foodie. Each offers its unique charm and a testament to the diverse culinary landscape of this idyllic Mediterranean town. So, for your next trip to Kalkan, make sure to reserve a table at these exquisite eateries for a truly memorable dining experience.

Remember to book in advance during peak season to avoid missing out on these Kalkan culinary treasures. Bon appétit, or as the locals say, “Afiyet olsun!”