Istinye Park

Welcome to our guide on the ‘Top 5 Shopping Centers in Istanbul’, where a world of luxury, variety, and entertainment awaits. This list will take you on a journey from the opulence of the high-end brands nestled in Istinye Park, to the lively, family-friendly environment of Viaport Asia’s theme park. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Istanbul’s shopping culture, where every turn reveals a new experience.

Istanbul is a blend of history and modern living, and this is also evident in its shopping malls. As the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has been home to many different cultures and civilizations throughout history, which has increased the city’s diversity and dynamism. This diversity and dynamism are also reflected in the shopping malls of the city. Istanbul’s shopping malls host both local and global brands, offering visitors a variety of shopping options. While shopping in these malls, you can find products from various parts of Turkey and the world. Additionally, you can find restaurants and cafes in these malls that offer dishes from many different cultures. The time you spend in these shopping malls will not only be limited to shopping but also provide an opportunity to explore Istanbul’s diversity and cultural richness.

1. Istinye Park

Istinye Park

Located in Sarıyer, one of the luxurious districts of Istanbul, Istinye Park draws attention with its wide brand range and unique architectural design. Along with top-tier brands, Istinye Park, where you can also find products of local designers, also stands out with its large food market and various restaurants.

2. Kanyon


Located in Levent, Kanyon serves both as a business center and a shopping and life center. With its unique open-air design, world brands, exclusive restaurants, and movie theaters, Kanyon is a great choice for a day to spend in Istanbul.

3. Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center

Housing a shopping mall, hotel, residences, offices, and a performance arts center, Zorlu Center is an ideal place for those who want to experience Istanbul’s luxury shopping. Hosting stores of many local and foreign luxury brands, Zorlu Center also stands out with its restaurants offering tastes from many different cuisines.

4. Akmerkez


Located in Etiler, Akmerkez is one of the first large-scale shopping malls in Istanbul. With its wide range of brands, as well as movie theaters and a wide gastronomy area, Akmerkez, which hosts many local and foreign brands, provides an enjoyable shopping experience.

5. Viaport Asia

Viaport Asia

Located on the Anatolian side, Viaport Asia is both a center where you can shop and a theme park. Alongside its extensive shopping areas hosting hundreds of brands, with its amusement park, zoo, and lake, Viaport Asia is an ideal destination for families.

These shopping malls serve as remarkable reflections of the modern face and enticing diversity of Istanbul, creating a vibrant backdrop for an array of shopping experiences. Each of these shopping centers presents a distinctive blend of opportunities, offering a unique and immersive shopping experience that goes far beyond a simple transaction. They house a collection of both international and local brands, catering to every style and budget. Alongside this, each mall brings the gastronomic richness of Istanbul to the table, boasting an array of dining establishments that offer delectable meals spanning from traditional Turkish cuisine to international gourmet delights. Adding to the vibrancy of the shopping experience, these malls also host a plethora of entertaining activities, some even serve as venues for artistic events, making them cultural hubs in their own right. These centers offer an experience that marries shopping with entertainment, food with art, reflecting the city’s rich cultural tapestry. So, whether you’re a tourist visiting Istanbul or a local exploring your city, missing out on these shopping malls would be missing out on experiencing an integral part of Istanbul’s modern identity.

The shopping experience in Istanbul should be evaluated not only within the shopping malls themselves, but also considering the surrounding life. Going to watch a movie after seeing the historic tram on Istiklal Street, taking a coffee break accompanied by the stunning view of the Bosphorus, or taking a break to taste a delicious Turkish meal; all these form part of your shopping experience. The time you spend in Istanbul’s shopping malls not only provides a shopping experience, but also offers an opportunity to explore the rich culture and diversity of Istanbul.