Timeless Stories of Bursa: A Journey from History to Nature

Located in the northwest of Turkey, Bursa is one of the rare cities that blends its rich history with its modern texture. This old capital, located at the foothills of Uludağ, has a diversity that appeals to everyone, from nature lovers to history buffs, from gastronomy lovers to adventure seekers. In this article, we will discuss in detail the places to see, activities to do and cultural riches to experience in Bursa.

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Uludağ: White of Winter, Coolness of Summer

uludağ bursa kar snow teleferik

Uludağ is one of the most popular winter sports centers in Turkey. Uludağ, which has excellent tracks for skiing and snowboarding, is ideal for those who want to enjoy snow and sports during the winter months. In the summer months, it hosts nature lovers with activities such as hiking, mountain biking and picnics. The view of Bursa from the top of Uludağ is breathtaking.

While Uludağ is indispensable for ski and snowboard enthusiasts in the winter months, in the summer it is an ideal place for activities such as hiking, mountain biking and camping with its lush nature. The view of Bursa from the summit, reached by cable car, fascinates those who see it, especially at sunset. Picnic areas such as Sarıalan and Çobankaya are perfect for those who want to spend quality time surrounded by nature.

Green Bursa: A Journey in the Footsteps of the Ottomans

yeşil türbe green bursa

Bursa gets its nickname “Green” from the green nature it has preserved throughout history and the green tiles in Ottoman architecture. Green Tomb and Green Mosque are works that have become the symbols of the city. Green Tomb, built for the Ottoman sultan Çelebi Mehmet, dazzles with the magnificent tiles inside. The Green Mosque has a unique architecture that reflects the artistic approach of the period.

The historical texture of Bursa is especially rich with artifacts from the early periods of the Ottoman Empire. Green Mosque and Green Tomb dazzle with their magnificent Iznik tiles. Every detail of these buildings reflects the aesthetic understanding and art of the period. Bursa Ulu Mosque is the largest mosque in the city with its 20 domes and 192 huge columns and offers visitors a unique architectural experience.


Cumalıkızık: A Journey Through Time (UNESCO)

cumalıkızık bursa village köy

This charming village on the outskirts of Bursa takes its visitors on a journey back in time with its colorful houses and narrow streets from the Ottoman period. Cumalıkızık, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is especially famous for its Sunday breakfasts and traditional handicraft products.

Cumalıkızık is a village famous for its narrow streets and colorful houses, offering one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture. Here you can spend time in an atmosphere of prehistoric times while enjoying a traditional Turkish breakfast. In the village, handmade jams, village bread and locally produced olive oils make breakfast unforgettable.


Heart of the Silk Road: Koza Han

Koza Han should be visited to understand Bursa’s important role in silk production and trade. This historical inn, built in the 15th century, is still actively used today and offers unique silk products to visitors.

Koza Han was founded in 1491 by Sultan II. It was built by Bayezid and takes its name from the silk cocoon trade, which was the khan’s main source of income. Located in the center of Bursa, right next to the Grand Mosque, this historical building was an important stop on the silk road during the Ottoman Empire. It played an important role as both the heart of trade and the center of social life.Koza Han bears the characteristics of typical Ottoman architecture. There is a courtyard in the middle of the two-storey inn and a fountain in the middle of this courtyard. This courtyard, lined with shops, remains an area where people meet and socialize today, as in the past. While the upper floor of the inn is used mostly for accommodation purposes, the lower floor is reserved for commercial activities.

kozahan bursa old city

Today, Koza Han continues to serve as one of the most important silk and souvenir markets of Bursa and Turkey. The inn, which is a frequent destination for local and foreign tourists, is especially famous for silk shawls, scarves, clothes and various handicraft products. In addition, the cafes and tea gardens within the inn offer visitors the opportunity to take a break in the historical atmosphere of the inn.

Koza Han, a must-visit for anyone visiting Bursa, is located in an easily accessible location in the city center. Koza Han, which is an ideal shopping center for those looking for silk products and original souvenirs, also offers a unique experience for those who want to experience the historical and cultural texture of Bursa.

Gastronomy Tour: Taste Stops of Bursa

Bursa cuisine has a rich history dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Iskender kebab is one of the most famous flavors of Bursa and you can experience this unique taste in many restaurants in the city. Additionally, candied chestnuts, meatballs with pita and Bursa cheese are among the other delicacies you should try.

Bursa’s delicious food is another reason to taste the cultural richness of the city. Iskender kebab is the most famous dish of Bursa and you can experience this unique taste in restaurants all over the city. Chestnut candy is a special gift from Bursa to sweet lovers. You can find this delicious dessert in many patisseries in the city. Meatballs with pita and candır, Bursa cheeses are an excellent choice for those who want to discover local flavors.

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Cultural Events and Festivals

Bursa also hosts various cultural events and festivals. The International Bursa Festival brings music, dance and theater performances to the city every summer. Bursa Silk Road Film Festival brings together cinema lovers by hosting many important local and foreign films.

Tophane and the Founders of the Ottoman Empire

Tophane, the heart of Bursa, hosts the tombs of Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi. This place sheds light on the founding story of the city and the Ottoman Empire. The city view from Tophane park is fascinating, especially in the evening.


tophane osman gazi ottoman bursa

Bursa Archeology Museum

The museum, where artifacts unearthed from archaeological excavations in Bursa and its surroundings are exhibited, covers a wide period of time from prehistoric times to the Ottoman Empire. It is the perfect place to discover the rich history of the region.


Bursa Ataturk House and Museum

The house where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed during his visits to Bursa now serves as a museum that keeps his memory alive. Atatürk’s personal belongings and photographs from the period are exhibited.


Mudanya and Trilye

mudanya bursa trilye

Mudanya: Bursa’s gateway to the Marmara Sea, Mudanya is famous for its historical texture, coastline and fish restaurants. The historical building where the Mudanya Armistice was signed is one of the important historical places of the city.

Trilye (Zeytinbağı): Another historical town of Mudanya, Trilye reveals beautiful examples of Greek architecture, narrow streets and quiet lifestyle. This region, famous for its olive and olive oil production, attracts attention with its natural beauties and historical buildings.

Su Uçtu Waterfall and Misi Village

Su Uçtu Waterfall: Su Uçtu Waterfall, one of the natural wonders of Bursa, is located approximately 18 km from the city center. It offers an impressive view, especially in spring, with the abundance of water.


Misi Village (Gümüştepe): Misi Village, one of Bursa’s hidden paradises among greenery, is known for its historical Greek houses, natural beauties and quiet lifestyle. In the village, small shops and cafes selling local products offer visitors a peaceful break.


misi köyü bursa village

Last word; Bursa: The City Where History, Nature and Culture Meet

Bursa offers a unique mosaic of culture and nature filtered from the depths of history. This historical city, with every shade of green, has a rich heritage as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Historical buildings such as Koza Han show that Bursa is one of the lifelines of trade and culture not only in the past but also today. Visiting Bursa means witnessing the natural beauties, history and cultural riches of this unique city.

Bursa, with each corner telling a different story, leaves unforgettable memories for its visitors. This city, where you can be alone with nature on the cool slopes of Uludağ, shop in its historical inns, and see the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture, offers a different beauty in every season. Whether you explore historical buildings or taste palate-pleasing tastes at flavor stops, Bursa will offer you a wide range of experiences.

I hope this information will help you get to know the unique texture of Bursa more closely and discover the riches this historical city has to offer. Bursa is a treasure waiting to be discovered, revealing new secrets with every visit. Don’t wait any longer to discover this unique city. Embark on a journey where you will feel history and culture at every step and get lost in nature. Bursa is waiting for you.

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